"Da Kine"


My Bitter-Sweet Valentine

Love is in the air — not! It’s February so let’s be honest with one another as Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches. How many of you really give a darn about Valentine’s Day? How many of you really care? More so, how many of you want to go through the trouble of being romantic?

If you’re young, I don’t mean in age, but time in the saddle with that significant other, than you’re probably one of those that plan a dinner by candlelight in a pretty swanky restaurant and topped off by a walk on the beaches of Waikiki under that big old Manapua in the sky.

Now, I’ve been married for 12 or 13 years and let me say this, Valentine’s Day does not have the impact that it once had. Cupid’s arrow is dull. His bow is fragile and his wings are worn. Is this a bad thing? No way! This is a good thing believe it or not. Why? This may be the first sign that your relationship is showing some signs of real growth. You’ve passed that fairy tale mode and are on the road to getting in touch with some real feelings.

Most married couples understand that Valentine’s Day is a day with no real significance. Come on! Should you use one day out of the year to be romantic when you should have been doing this sporadically throughout the year?

The following is a poem of one who has been through many a Valentine’s Day and have come to know the meaning of valentine’s then and now. Honey, I hope you enjoy…

Remember when I first said I would do anything for you and your heart would melt?     

But the truth of the matter is that’s now how I really felt.

Remember when we first gazed
into the sky and named the moon and all the stars?

Well, the truth of the matter is they were never really ours…

Remember when I said to you the first time that I would climb the highest part of the tangerine tree to give you the sweetest that you desired?

Well, when you weren’t looking
I climbed only about three feet, became dizzy and I used a ladder…

And remember how we felt as
we first kissed and I gently caressed
your face?

Well, I was really thinking about how I could get to third base…

Before you get upset the way you do and before you kick me out…

Please know this — how I felt “then” is really how I feel “now.”

May you all have what I have and feel how I feel with your one true love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tony Solis is the Host of “Eh! U Da Kine, Ah?” in its third season on OC16, and is an on-air personality and the producer of the Aloha Morning Show on Hawaiian 105 KINE. Tony can be reached at: tony@udakinetv.com.