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Top Seven Hawaii Dinner Cruise Tips

by Eric Petersen

A Hawaii dinner cruise is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Islands of Aloha. The combination of a tropical location, sunset on the water and a good meal can set the stage for a memorable experience. However, not all dinner cruises in Hawaii are created equal. Follow these basic guidelines to find the best dinner cruise for your vacation to Hawaii. 1. Get the recommendation of the concierge or activities desk at your hotel. These professionals will be able to tell you what Hawaii dinner cruises are available and which ones are the most enjoyable. Inquire as to the type of boats available, their distance from your hotel, transportation options and (most importantly) the quality and type of food served on each available cruise. More often than not, the concierge and activity desk staff will have personally gone on the dinner cruises that they recommend. Also note that the also often receive a commission for their referrals.

2. Don't go with the cheapest dinner cruise that you can find. Some dinner cruise operators in Hawaii offer incredibly cheap cruises, but you end up getting what you pay for. The super cheap dinner cruise will often be aboard a dirty, rusty tub of a boat with food generally served at institutional cafeterias. If you spend a least a little more, you'll be glad you did.

3. Book your dinner cruise well in advance. By their nature, dinner cruise boats in Hawaii have limited capacities. Once you have decided on the dinner cruise that is right for you, make your reservation right away. If possible, check the local weather forecast to ensure that you will have clear weather on the desired evening of your cruise.

4. If you are traveling with a large group, book a private dinner cruise. Group travel and destination weddings in Hawaii have become more and more common the past few years. If you are planning such an event, it is best to book a private dinner cruise on an appropriately sized boat. This will give you the benefit of having a shared experience for your group away from the maddening crowds of tourists. Research and book private dinner cruises in Hawaii as far in advance as possible. A deposit of one half of the total cost is standard to reserve a private cruise.

5. Take precautions prior to your dinner cruise if you are prone to sea sickness. If you have ever gotten sea sick or experienced any other type of motion sickness, you know it can be a miserable experience. The vast majority of people who go on cruises in Hawaii never have any problem with sea sickness. However, if you are prone to motion related sickness, you should take steps to prevent sea sickness before the dinner cruise starts. Pills and patches are available to help prevent sea sickness, but need to be used well in advance of your cruise. If you feel you are susceptible to motion sickness, check with a medical professional for a recommendation on how to best avoid sea sickness during your cruise.

6. Bring a light jacket with you. Sure, Hawaii is a warm, tropical paradise. But after the sun goes down conditions out on the ocean can be a little chilly. Plan ahead and bring a light jacket.

7. Tip the captain and crew. It is customary to tip the staff at the end of your dinner cruise. As with restaurant dining, you should tip fifteen percent of your dinner cruise total if the service was reasonably good. Of course, if the service was truly outstanding you can tip even more.

A Hawaii sunset dinner cruise can be the highlight of your vacation to the Islands of Aloha. Just remember to plan ahead, don't go too cheap and have a wonderful time in paradise.

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_213036_29.html

About the Author: Eric Petersen is the owner of Hawaii Yacht Charters which is based in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. He specializes in private Hawaii dinner cruises and destination weddings in Hawaii.


July 2015